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Monday, 16 September 2013

'Jurassic World' - What does Jurassic Park 4's new title reveal?

Last week it was confirmed by Universal that the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise will be called 'Jurassic World', to be released June 12, 2015.  Whilst the title may confuse many, and may sound unoriginal and bizarre as far as titles go, let's not forget the name of a popular space adventure penned by the now retired George Lucas some years ago.  'Star Wars' doesn't sound so odd following it's resounding success.

So looking at the title - what can we deduce about the story?  We take a look at some potential clues.

Gone Global

Jurassic Park was always described in the novel and in the film as an ambitious theme park.  The nearest modern day point of reference would be Disneyland, or the larger Disneyworld.  So in a similar upgrade, maybe we have gone from a theme park, to a worldwide attraction?

The author of Jurassic Park, the late Michael Crichton, even described John Hammond, the owner of the park in novel, as the dark side of Walt Disney.  So we're building up connections to a corporate franchise that has possibly gone global since the last film.

Corporate Greed

Could it be that rich investors ignored the warnings of the incidents of Jurassic Park, and rebranded the franchise 'Jurassic World' to get away from any bad associations with the incidents on Isla Nublar?  Carefully these greedy men prevailed over bad press, and a theme park was created regardless of the threat to human life.  We see these kinds of decisions being made everyday in the real world.

Greedy men were a prevalent theme in Jurassic Park, from John Hammond discussing a 'Coupon Day' with his snide Lawyer to the villain Dennis Nedry (an anagram of 'Nerdy Sinned') taking a bag chock full of dollar bills to steal the park's precious research.

Literal World

The word 'park' refers to a land-based resort.  Could it be that Jurassic World encompasses all types of prehistoric Fauna and Flora, including the rumored sea life that appeared in an early treatment of the film?  The new logo embraces a cool blue backdrop, maybe this suggests the new boss in town is a sea creature?

We're really looking forward to the fourth film here at Jurassic Collectables, so leave your thoughts and comments about the new title below, aswell as any speculations you may have about the plot.

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