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Friday, 27 September 2013

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Models! From hatchlings to full size!

It's a rare treat to find model dinosaurs that look exactly like the ones seen in Jurassic Park.  I have always longed for some sideshow quality busts of the Raptors and T Rex.  Which is why when I saw the work of Roostercat online I instantly contacted him for a commission.

Galileo of was more than helpful.  He had built an astonishing five foot long T-Rex model, and offered this to me, but I had neither the room nor the funds for the piece.  So I compromised and asked if I could commission a bust at the same scale.  This would be the first of many commissions from this talented artist.

A couple of months passed, and a parcel arrived at my office.  I opened it at my desk, and my colleagues crowded round.  It was truly a remarkable model.


Next up - I had always wanted a replica puppet of the Velociraptor hatchling in Jurassic Park.  I had a lucky encounter with Gavin of, where he had obtained a casting of the original hatchling sculpt, and suddenly it struck me that a replica may be feasible.  I contacted Galileo to ask him if he'd be interested.  The response was affirmative, so I sent the casting over to him for construction and paint.  When this piece arrived there was a repair job to be done, but soon enough I had the beautiful hatchling in a grassy nest and on display.  Another wonderful addition to the collection.

With two great pieces assembled and on display, I got thinking about a new commission, a full size Raptor bust.  At the time I had insufficient funds so I left this idea alone for a bit.  It would require Galileo constructing the entire piece from scratch.  Little did I know this was already something he had planned for the future!

So the next commission was a Compsognathus 1:1 replica, matching the one we see in Jurassic Park : The Lost World.  Galileo had already constucted a Compy of his own, and it impressed me so much when I saw it, that I had to commision him to paint one up for me.  A large box arrived at my family home, and my father helped me lift the piece out of it's packaging.  We were both staggered by the detail and artistry of this piece, and it is still on display at my family home as a result.

After a long break of no commissions, I returned to the idea of the Raptor bust.  I always wanted a replica of the Raptor from Jurassic Park, with the distinctive flat block head.  Galileo had in the meantime constructed a model of the Raptor we see in Jurassic Park 3, which was stunning.  He explained that he could easily modify that base sculpt to create a replica closer to what I imagined.  We went ahead with the commission and lo and behold, the giant parcel landed three months later.  There are some minor repairs to be made due to the poor handling en route from Mexico, but this is not a big issue.  I look forward to completing these repairs soon.

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  1. BEWARE OF GEENE. For all the lucky customers who receive their kit, there's another one like me - who paid $2300 and after 6 months all I have is a few pictures of a crude mockup. He refuses to give me a refund and and makes every excuse under the sun why nothing is happening.
    There are many other people out there who have also been badly burned.