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Friday, 5 April 2013

Jurassic Park Embryo Cryocan Replica (Rylo)

Made by a talented member of the EFX group, Rylo, this Embryo cryocan is a screen accurate replica of the prop used by the villain Dennis Nedry in the film Jurassic Park (1993).

The inner spring loaded parts are lovingly machined from aluminum, giving the can a striking heaviness and authenticity.  The central rack can be released by twisting the base, and reseated by pushing the rack down and re-twisting the base to secure it.  The Embryo vials are all labelled to match the dinosaur codes seen in the film, and can be removed/replaced from the rack.

Unfortunately this replica does not spray foam!  But it is speculated the original was swapped for a working can during filming, as the removable aluminum section would prevent the pressurized foam from physically working.

If you're searching for one of these, Ebay is a good place, but the accuracy varies as this piece has been replicated by many.  Expect to pay $200-400 for an accurate replica.

Look for the screen accurate brown band (not black) and flat base with a screw head to identify one of Rylo's replicas.  Also available is a concave base variation, made by prop maker with the online alias NicksDad, and created in a steel finish.  This is a rarer piece to find but some collectors prefer the concave base version.

Rylo's Embryo Cryocan is however favoured by many for it's appearance on the Jurassic Park Special Features of the 2011 Blu Ray, where it was presented and held by it's designer, a talented concept artist called John Bell.

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