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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Jurassic Park Electronic Tyrannosaurus Rex

Immortalized in skin-like rubber, these giant dinosaur toys looked and felt so impressive on the shelves of toy stores in 1993.  This particular Tyrannosaurus model was the supreme choice if you were around for the hype of Jurassic Park.

This toy was quite special in that it was cast from the production-used maquette by Stan Winston Studios - a fact not many kids knew when they got these for Christmas.  By squeezing the chest, an electronic roar could be activated that simultaneously opened it's jaws.  By slamming the feet of the toy onto a hard surface, you could recreate the earth trembling rumble noise that put the heebie jeebies into Jeff Goldblum.

Although the sounds were not film accurate, these electronic features made the toy instantly impressive for the early 1990s - when compared with die cast plastic museum figurines, the only other Dinosaur toys available at that time.  It's sheer size made it too big for it's own box,  giving every Rex a distinctive kink in the tail (TIP:  if you still own one of these and want to remove the kink, try running the tail under luke warm water and massaging the bend, it should eventually relax back to it's original form).

This sheer scale combined with it's tactile skin made this toy a joy to play with.  With quite a steep price tag, this was not a common toy.  For me, it was mainly played with at the kid with wealthy parents' house, but this scarceness made it all the more appealing.

Comment below if you owned/played with this toy, and as always check out the video review demonstrating all the features mentioned above.


  1. can i get the red t rex and d baby t rex please i have none can i just get them please i promise i will follow your blog

  2. hey by the way love de videos i love the one when you was unboxing the papo dinos

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  4. please let me know when you are putting up a new veido i i just lllloooovvvveeee them

  5. just for curiousness did thoes triops survive

  6. hey to be honest wit you i did not like one of your veido that is the one when the triops died