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Monday, 10 June 2013

What's Changed in Jurassic Park 3D?

When George Lucas made several changes to the original Star Wars trilogy back in 1997, we witnessed for the first time a Director going back and making changes to a classic film years after it's release.  I, for one, was very excited to see what had been added to the original trilogy.  Other fans turned over their desks and kicked over their water coolers.

So now we come to Jurassic Park in 3D, a lush remaster of the 1993 hit.  So have any changes been made?  The answer is yes.  Will fans be kicking over their water coolers?  Probably not - as the changes are tastefully and respectfully done.  Don't expect any Jawas hanging from misshapen camels this time!

Here's a list (that's constantly growing) of the minor changes spotted so far.

1. Universal Logo has been updated with the new 100th Anniversary logo
2. Titles have been completely remastered - they no longer wobble or swim as they used to
3. End credits have had an overhaul, the glow that was present in the lettering has gone
4. Rain has been added to the T-Rex main road attack to give it more depth
5. Debris added to the shot where the T-Rex bursts through the tree on the road chase, again for depth
6. When the T-Rex flips over the explorer in the main road attack, the safety cable, plant pot and set dressing have been digitally removed from that shot (Originally bloopers)
7. The Spitter (Dilophosaurus) used to have a wire that pulled out it's frill, this has been digitally removed
8. A lightning flash over Genarro's head has been added just after the sick triceratops scene
9. On the main road attack, Grant's hat now blows off in a more logical direction, with the jet of air from the Rex's mouth corrected too.
10. As the helicopter flies into the sunset, cobwebs that glowed in the right hand top corner of the screen have been painted out so they are less noticible
11. As Muldoon is ambushed by the Raptor, a foot has been added that creeps up the screen just before we cut to them on the ground.

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  1. A couple things I noticed, didn't the kid Dr. Grant scared with the raptor story in the beginning pee himself? noticed that was cut. And wasn't there a scene in the original at the end of little dinosaurs running on the beach? just wondering.